Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Garden.

I spent this morning out in the sunshine in our garden with a cup of green tea and my kitty Blossom in tow - she now follows me around like a dog, it's amusing but oh-so cute.
The warmth from the sun on your skin instantly makes you feel positive; our garden was glowing this morning so I felt inspired to take some photos and spend sometime observing.
Our Australian native plants are starting to bloom with their intricate flowers, the blossom blooms on the Golden Elm tree are starting to wither as the buds of the new leaves start to evolve and my all time favourite Silver Birch trees are now thickening up with lush green leaves and their whispy pods that as a child, I remember picking and rubbing them between my fingers to let loose all their little poddy-goodness.
Oh nature and Spring, you are such a delight.

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Creative K said...

Bloss sure is a cutey, animals are good company. I'm loving this tassie weather at the moment, so much sunshine :)