Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Tea Party Garden Wedding.

A few weeks back, the lovely Cassie contacted me requesting a custom order of Tea Party earrings for her bridesmaids; the way Cassie described how her wedding was going to be gave me goosebumps - it sounded oh-so sweet, beautiful and unique! (Not to mention that I was tickled pink that she wanted to include pieces of That Vintage in her special day!)
And it certainly ended up being that way - the photographs are just divine!
Cassie picked the Sadie Tea Party earrings for her bridesmaids, which complimented their beautiful floral dresses so perfectly!

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Tea parties aren't just for little girls anymore. Increasingly more brides-to-be are requesting their bridal showers be tea or coffee themed. Although coffee is still a strong trend, tea has grown in popularity along with flavor infusion technology. Those who are planning the bridal shower can take the tea party theme down the Asian path or the old English path.