Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Creative Coma.

So much is happening for That Vintage in the coming months, so it is full steam ahead in the studio - yesterday was pendant making day, today it is rings and earrings - plus a few more pendants and brooches.
The repetition of doing the gluing side of things I find relaxing, minus the glue fumes - I'm sipping a cup of T2 French Earl Grey tea and listening to the sounds of Warpaint. There is no need for a "Please Do Not Disturb" sign on my door as it is a well known fact that when the door is shut, hands are busy gluing and making and my mind falls into a creative coma... Oh I love what I do!


Anonymous said...

I love what you do too! I get so jealous of your creative outlet sometimes, even though it is still hard work. I cannot wait for my fashion journalism course and if that works out well I am going to do a fashion design one xoxo Keep up the lovely work darling and thank you for colouring my world xoxo - Courtney

Heather Belle said...

Is being busy such a great feeling? especially when it's busy doing something you love! Just found your cute little blog :)
xo Heather