Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Jewellery Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Here is a photo to prove that That Vintage is not just for the pretty ladies...

This is Mr R.
He bought a lucky lady friend of his the Birdcage Pendant, but also wanted something for himself - so I sat and pondered on this and decided the little Big Friend Little Friend circle design with a brooch clasp on the back, would be boy-ish enough for this hip skater dude who wears pretty funky cardigans, by the looks of things!

I will be listing the new little "unisex" brooch pins in the next week or so - Mr R is going to take some modelling photographs of himself and his pride & joy, so that I can prove to you all that it is true, That Vintage is for all lovers of handmade!

P.S. He is also modelling a beautiful clay tag made by Marley & Lockyer, in which I used on the packaging - cute huh!


Kellie Christie said...

That is awesome! Real men wear jewellery! haha Good for him for having such great taste.

red bamboo said...

Great idea with a unisex line. The boys do use more hair products than us nowdays, why not get them into great accessories as well?!

Ness Lockyer said...

aaaah! How cool. I thought that looked familiar...my bird clay tag =0)

I think it is great that you are going into unisex stuff sophie. It will be great.
Ness xx