Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simple Smiles.

Where on earth do I begin?
The clouds have been oh so stormy in my mind and heart lately - stressed out would be an understatement!
But having the amazingly beautiful friends that I do, certainly helps during these times of chaotic madness!
The beautiful Lauren Burt (check out her blog) had a sweet smelling bunch of delicate flowers sent to my home this morning... how sweet! Definitely made me smile and feel happier, so beautiful!
The madness end is in sight, Niche: All Wrapped Up begins this Friday at 4pm - I have been itching for this market for so long! It'll be great to see everyone again... after that, I can sit down with a nice glass of wine and relax - for a short amount of time that is!


red bamboo said...

Sorry to hear you've been a bit down hon. But lovely to hear of your beautiful friends who must be worth their weight in gold! See you (and your super successful stall) Friday...

Ness Lockyer said...

At least as you say it will be over soon...hang in there not long to go!
Ness xx