Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Fresh New Thing.

I must do a big fat virtual thankyou to Isis, for mentioning Hilbarn on her blog...
I am now a Hilbarn convert!

We got our first box this morning - earlier than I expected (first impressions last - over the flippin' moon!) and I couldn't wait to unpack it and gush over all the goodies.

In our lovely box we had...
five zucchinis, four tomatoes, punnet of blueberries, about half a kilo of cherries, a bunch of coriander, a bunch of lettuce (can someone confirm what sort of lettuce this is? rocquette?), a bunch of carrots and a bunch of spring onion.
All for $25!
We estimate that the value of these goodies in a big-name supermarket would cost almost double that... what a saving!

Everything was 100% fresh, in perfect condition and smelt/tasted/looked so amazing.
This has helped us out this week greatly, as we have relatives from New Zealand arriving in a few days time - no doubt the zucchini will go to great use in a gorgeous savoury Zucchini Slice... (which I may post the recipe later!) I'm also thinking a batch of fresh Blue Berry muffins are in order... and to compliment our BBQ on Thursday evening - Roast Pumpkin, Chickpea and Coriander salad - HEAVEN!

If you are sick of paying way too much at the big supermarket chains, only to be dogged-out by use by dates, floppy parsley, super soft potatoes and lack-luster herbs - then I strongly suggest you give Hilbarn a whirl.

They have a very convenient way of operating, including a trial basis (of two turns), home delivery or very accessible pick-up points, and a marvelous subscription style service - which I've just done! Great value for money - but more importantly, by buying from Hilbarn, you are buying from local growers/farmers/green-thumbed-talented-souls! Check them out!


Tam said...

Ours just arrived about 45 minutes ago. The blueberries are gone. Another fruit that our H-bomb will eat - thank goodness and hooray! The cherries will be devoured next and we also have a yummy zucchini slice that we make and freeze for lazy cooking days. I make a to-die-for Zucchini cake too. The dutch carrots are divine too... Hopefully Hil will post a blog update this afternoon telling us about that lettuce and how its best eaten :s I must say that since getting hilbarn we have been forced into eating stuff we would never have purchased which is such a great thing!

Isis said...

and it's all local!!!!! that's what i love most!

glad you're enjoying your box sophie

Trace Willans said...

Darn and I am missing out while we are over here in Perth. Hillbarn box I miss you but at least I now know exactly what I am missing out on.