Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Like Sardines.

I am trying to use up every single second of my waking day.
It's a struggle, because I do like to day-dream and wander off into space, but instead of the space of nothing-ness, I've been wandering into the space of creativity - planning - thinking - design.

I have finally started my first new illustration.
I have decided to do some illustrations from the photoshoot by my friend Ebony Bejah, for my website. I am so excited to get these pumped out - I don't want to ruin them though, it has been so long since I have held a pen to this creative-degree... I can't wait for it to all come together!


GeishaGirl77 said...

she's beautiful, Sophie.. simply beautiful

Roots and Feathers said...

i love this so much! i use to draw just like this, but for me also, its been so long. its such a good feeling though when you pick it back up after a long period of time and realize that you can still do it! cant wait to see it on your website!

red bamboo said...

This looks awesome hon! I've never been a great sketcher so am a little jealous (in a nice way!). Can't wait to see more!

Unknown said...

i like her eyes ... lovely and simple