Friday, January 1, 2010

Cleanse Me Now.

I have decided to go on a Cranberry whirlwind adventure and rid my body of the bad stuff, through sipping this tangy beverage.
I just hope that this won't turn me into a Cranberry.

Coconut Cranberry Lip Balm by longwinterfarm

Check out longwinterfarm's Etsy shop - so many delicious goodies, from soaps to lip balms... I am struggling to imagine coconut and cranberry in one, although I'm sure it'd be delish!

I also splurged a couple days ago... why not?
And purchased a new jumper...
Yes, I am aware it is the middle of Summer here - but I am longing for the cold!

Hand Dyed Grey Hoodie with Deer & Trees by angeldamico

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