Thursday, December 31, 2009


The heat yesterday was so draining that I did not get to do anything that I wanted or needed to do. I plonked myself infront of the air-con, drank ginger ale and munched on pistachios. Perfect way to spend the New Years Eve day. I am not sure what the temperature actually got to, I know that my dog Jazz was suffering from it though. Mama bear came home early from work and we all (myself, Mama and my lover) decided to pile into Mama's car with Jazz, and head to Mill Dam.

Jazz & I chilling in the backseat of the car, it was very squishy in the back of the Astra, Jazz is a dog with "more-to-love" - so it was very cosy!

It was truly beautiful along the river - the water was so clear and cool, you could hear crickets chirping and the smell of the Eucalyptus trees was so much stronger in the heat.

Jazz had a blast! He was in and out of the water a million times. There were a few other dogs there - I am so proud of my Jazz, he didn't bat an eyelid at the other dogs; Jazz is just like a big Grandfather dog... so gentle with every canine that he crosses paths with.

This photo is from a couple years ago... just after I had won my holiday to France. It reminds me of how carefree I use to feel, without all the responsibilities that I have now days. I don't normally do the whole "New Years Resolution" thing, but this year I am going to promise myself to have a moment like this photograph again, at least once, in 2010. To just inhale and exhale and not fear for my next breath.

Welcome 2010...
Happy New Year!

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Sharnee Torrents said...

I love this photo matie!
You definitely need to do this for yourself this year!!!