Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Christmas Cooking

Anyone would think that I am trying to earn Brownie Points by being in the kitchen a lot this week, truth be known I am actually enjoying the apron strapped around my waist and getting my hands dirty with the lovely ingredients I have had the pleasure of playing with.

Namely one.
Chicken Livers.
Oh yes, you read correctly!

How delicious does this look?

I bet you are wondering what on earth is in my pot... let me list the main ingredients:
Chicken livers, bacon, onion, butter and garlic.

Another hinting photograph - what is it you ask?

Country Style Chicken Pate.
I made a big batch of Pate today... and bought the bright red ramekins and I will be packaging them up as gifts for my mother's close friends who are all coming around on Friday evening for a bit of Christmas Cheer. (Stay tuned for the photographs!)

If I get more than 5 comments on this entry, I will post my mother's secret recipe.
Who is in?!

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Mookah Studio said...

You lost me at Chicken Livers - eewww! As long as i don't have to touch them....