Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Baking Army For The Retail Elves.

I went nuts yesterday.
I ended up baking just over a hundred biscuits!

Small Vanilla Star Biscuits dipped in Chocolate.
So yum - great with a coffee!

Large Vanilla Star Biscuits with Lemon & Custard Icing.

This was a random creation, as I ran out of icing sugar and figured the custard smelt yummy enough... haha so sticky sweet! But delish! With a slight tang of lemon!

My boyfriend questioned what it was that I was going to do with so many biscuits. I contemplated eating them all, then I thought that my wii-fit would be made obsolete then... so of course, in the full swing of the Christmas Spirit, I am going to package them up and give them to the hard workers in the Launceston CBD - also known as the Retail Elves.

I know that they will all appreciate them - as this time of year is the most insane for our industry (I'm sure you as a customer, would know this!) - the frustration of ques, refunds, exchanges, lack of stock and being oh so indecisive, all the while wearing a happy smile on our faces - this crazy time really drags the Retail Elves down and out... But I really love Christmas time, so I am going to try and change this vibe!

Merry Christmas!


Raewyn said...

There you go being your usual lovely, productive self! The biscuits look great!

Isis said...

you are like the baking queen at the moment!