Sunday, December 13, 2009

Elfin' Dog!

My dog Jazz has been driving me mental lately.
My father is building our carport/garage outside and Jazz has developed a lack of love for Father during this process. I think it is a mixture of noisy power tools and being ignored. I have tried anything and everything to keep him quiet... instead he just barks and barks and barks!

So as punishment... (haha!)
I made Jazz this Elf Collar for him to wear all next week.

I bought a cheap red collar from the pet shop for $15.00, two pieces of felt and cut out the pointy shapes, making sure that the green piece was bigger than the red - to give the two pieces some depth.

I then stitched the two pieces of felt together with my trusty Brother!

Finally stitching the felt to the collar.
Easy as.
10 minutes max.
Lifetime of laughter at Jazz, the Christmas Elf Dog.
(No photo's yet... Christmas week!)

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Anonymous said...

Very cute would love to see it on him heheheh

P.S I just you a message on Etsy.