Sunday, December 27, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Fashion.

Fashion is a funny thing.

Who decides what is going to be "in" and what is going to be "out"?
Apparently trends recycle themselves every 30 years or so... I never knew that before working in Fashion Retail, the things you learn from when you buy items from a store, come home to show them off to your mother: "I had one exactly the same in the 70's." ...followed by the common phrase: "I should have kept it!"

The store I work at has more than its fair share of Maxi Dresses - the modern design of these is a wee bit discriminative in my opinion. You need to be the perfect height, have the perfect size bust to fill it out correctly and not be too weighty in your lower half, to look any decent in them. I don't really like Maxi Dresses, mainly because I am not perfect. Like the majority. Go figure!

Playsuits... or jumpsuits... or silly-things-that-take-forever-to-take-off-when-you-need-to-pee!
Aren't these what children under the age of two wear to bed, or slightly older kids wear when playing in sandpits?

I must admit, I do have a soft spot for "tame" Harem pants (not your MC Hammer style) as they are incredibly comfortable and look great with plain tops... the lightweight fabric is a winner for Summer also.

Fashion really makes me chuckle - I love the days at work when we get the new stock boxes in - I get to open them up and unveil the newest "trend" item... more often than not, I hold it up and think: "how on Earth are you supposed to wear that?!" "where do your arms go?" "is that a deep v neck or is that the bottom?" "high-waisted or just skew-if?"

Fashion, oh how I love thee.


Amy said...

I have never understood adult playsuits!

Tam said...

lol.. love your musings soph!