Saturday, January 2, 2010

If You Go Out In The (Internet) Woods Today...

I figured that just about everyone who is anyone, has a Facebook page.
I have my own, plus a group page for That Vintage.
I made my group page ages ago, before I ever understood how it all worked, before I ever knew about "fan pages" - so therefore my group page is hard to find... hence why I am plugging it here.

That Vintage Group Page Link.
(If this fails to work - type in the search bar That Vintage and look for the above display picture.)

I have new designs almost ready for the next step - I am excited and thrilled with how they are evolving! I do feel that there is a "need" for an overseas holiday at some point this year, to give me some more inspiration to work with... hmm, maybe France again?!

The amazing flower stands on the streets of Paris.
I have never seen roses like this in my entire life.
The scent was more than overwhelming!

One person who never fails to lift my creative-spirits, is that of the beautiful, whimsical Tabitha Emma. Everything she does makes me feel super duper girly all over again! And it is obvious she has a love for tea, like I do...

Superb Tea print by tabidesigns

Tabitha Emma's facebook page - become a fan by clicking here!

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Aisling Smith said...

those roses look sooo good !