Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fence Sitting Patriotism

Patriotism. Funny word really. It is even more amusing when you are made up of two halves...

In my case it is like this:
(Quote: "How many dudes you know flow like this, not many, if any" - /End Quote SCRIBE NZ rapper.)

Mother - Australian.

Father - New Zealander.

Some of my friends would say: "oh fush en chups ey?"
Some of my other friends would say: "Gee'day and Bru don't go togetha."
I would like to say: "Go eat some fush en chups and smash back a coupla tinnies maaate! She'll be apples ey!"

Did I nail it? Huh? Huh?! HA! Anyway... getting on to the real matter of this entry.

A few of my "Land of The Long White Cloud" New Zealand favourites off

Little Bird Key Ring by inmybackyard

Hello Top by Toast

Black Fantail Brooch by blackswandesigns

Grey Scarf by victorianbird

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the scarf love! P.S. I LOVE your wooden bird pendants & brooches, magic!