Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wrap Me Up In Yarn

Today, more than ever - I am feeling the cold.
I'm not sure whether it is because I am sick and snotty, or whether it is actually true that my bedroom/studio is the coldest room in the house...?

Check out these sweet finds I stumbled across on Etsy.com

Red Fingerless Mittens with Bow by CoquelicotSalon

Large Warmer in Barley by ozetta

Ecru Warmer by Yokoo

Leg Warmers by ShugarBush

Merino Cashmere Arm Warmers by tortillagirl

Working in fashion retail means I get some pretty super duper discounts from work. Although, I would love to buy better quality stuff, the impulse discount is always a winner... I am currently wearing acrylic arm warmers in stone colour from work which cost me a measly $8.00AU and my ugg boots which set me back $15.00AU - I am toasty!

When I head to Melbourne in the next few days, I'll be on the hunt for some lovely winter accessories... oooh I am drooling at the thought of the beautiful things I may find!

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