Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Lucky Bestfriend

I am absolutely loving my newest Etsy purchase from a local designer/crafty-brain MARLEY & LOCKYER.

Late one night I was strolling the wonderland that is Etsy, trying to find a delightful gift for my bestfriend's birthday... and wella... This is what I chose:

Hummingbird - Oxford Edge Cushion Cover

Wish Clay Tag

I know my bestfriend will love them... even if the gift is over a week late (haha oops!)'s the thought that counts, right?

I also bought my bestfriend some scrumptious soaps from a lady in Sydney - InnerEarthSoaps. I have a feeling they will arrive tomorrow - so therefore I can't quote their yumminess at this point in time, but if the photo's are anything to judge them by... far out... YUM OR WHAT!

Blackberry Sage

Cranberry Fig

Almond Biscotti

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