Saturday, February 12, 2011

Behind The Scenes.

Friday night - Oh what a night. It was the photo shoot night - perfect.
After a few sips of "confidence" in the form of delicious beverages, the lovely models (Madeline and Sophie) teased up their hair, clothed themselves in black lace and I decked them out in the new That Vintage pieces.
Jesse Hunniford - the man behind the camera - had the coolest set-up I've experienced so far; his camera was plugged into his laptop, so the images were being transferred instantly - he let us have a few quick looks during the shoot and I was bubbling with excitement from the first look. This fella has some serious talent.

With the jewellery shots being wrapped up after an hour and a half of posing - the girls (plus lovely previous model Claire) got their "play time" on and did some fun shots, ending up in the Three Wise Monkey's pose as seen in the third image above... it took us all a few moments of deliberation to work out the exact order of the pose! (Yes, I know the above image is of them out of order!)

Such fun.
I am busting to see the finished photos!

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softspoken said...

always look forward to your new photoshoots!