Monday, February 7, 2011

Floral Friends.

I spent this morning doing a task that I had put off for a long, long time.
It was well over due.
A huge clean out of my wardrobe - frivolous actions with piles of clothing. I "blame" my bread & butter job in fashion retail, it's a good thing working in that industry, but my wardrobe can only handle so much clothing, until it borders on being a clothing store in itself! I have my eye on a few new pieces that I would like to purchase soon, so to justify those purchases, I needed to clear out some space.
Once I got through the guts of "keep" and "do not keep" - I rearranged my wardrobe a little, found that my collection of floral printed dresses had grown considerably.

I took these two photos and they instantly reminded me of a very gorgeous blog post by my lovely friend Natalie. Florally Goodness - needless to say, Nat has developed the floral addiction like me - and of course, passing it onto little Stella! Nat's photos are so sweet, so girly!
Got to love friends with good tastes, hey!

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