Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dipped In Honey.

photography by jesse hunniford
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This might sound silly, but I get pretty excited about doing (organising) a photo shoot for a new range - sometimes more excited than releasing the actual range!

I really do love working with other creative minds and seeing how they cast their eye over my work and translate it into an image that gives the label another dimension.

I am super keen, so very keen, for the shoot which is happening late next week. After a recommendation from past That Vintage model, Claire (pictured in bottom image) and a bit of "snooping" around Facebook, I decided that Jesse Hunniford would be the ideal one to take That Vintage a few steps out of the comfort zone.

Jesse (Hunni) has a pretty fresh style - after meeting with him last week to talk "tactics" - I can certainly see how he cleverly brings himself from behind the lens to the finished image. It just oozes "cool" - and I like that. He's also willing and eager to play and mix up ideas, and has got me buzzing with anticipation to see the end result.

It's pretty neat, having such talented people in such a small town.
Jesse's Website // Jesse's Blog.

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red bamboo said...

Looks great as we've come to expect. Looking forward to seeing more.