Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Nest.

A box of new goodies is flapping its wings and making its way to the north west coast of Tasmania, Penguin to be exact - to the cute little home known as "Nest."
I am still to head this far north of our island state to visit Nest. I hope that this will happen in the near future; I might even have to recruit some girlfriends for a day trip - I heard that there is a beautiful delicious spot to eat in Penguin too...
Renaessance - in which Natalie from Nest raves about on Nest's facebook page.
Must. Make. The. Trip. North!

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Jayne said...

I've never been to Nest either but I'd love to visit one day! Ever since someone told me about it I've been dying to go. Hope you make the trip soon (I'm always too busy!) I love the photo you've posted :)