Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For Those Of You Who Know Me...

...And know me well, you would know that I am a huge lover of tea.

My day is never the same if I don't start it off with a big cup of extra strong tea - with milk, no sugar. Then at night time, I only have pleasant dreams if I have another big cup of tea before laying my head down onto my pillow. In actual fact, tea at any time of day is perfect for me.

Once Upon A Tea Time art print by MarmeeCraft

Cup Of Tea embroidered purse by tabidesigns

In A Tea Cup necklace by TillyBloom

It's Always Tea Time bracelet by insanejellyfish


Dick and Dora said...

Humph! We've been taken off your favourites list ... I hope it's not a nasty breakup!

Sophie said...

Never! We are eloping still, right?

muchlove said...

I love a good cup of tea. Actually, I think I'll make one right now! Might be good for this annoying headache I'm having (grrr...)

Isis said...

even better though is a good cup of tea AND a bickie, don't you think?