Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Garden Of Rose Thorns

I have been making oodles of these rings today - had them sitting on my desk ready to be put into stock boxes and the way that they were sitting just made think: "How ironic? Rose Thorn print... they look like roses in a garden showing themselves off!"
(okay, yes, I am completely over-worked-over-tired-totally-loopy!)

I have also just finished packing up a HUGE (no joke) box of stock for Thread Den in North Melbourne. They are getting lots of new goodies in this box - all of the new wooden rings, new wooden necklaces and tonnes of button earrings, brooches and pendants - I hope they treat the box like a mini-Christmas - I sure had fun packaging it all up!

Anyway, enough waffle...
The Bird Garden Pendant Giveaway closes this evening - I will then be drawing out the random-number to figure out who the winner is!
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