Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Back To The Kitchen.

I am preparing myself for some major Chef hat wearing time in the coming weeks.
I am researching icing, food colouring and different ways of decorating the humble biscuit.
I am super duper buzzing with inspiration to get into the kitchen!

I haven't quite decided on a colour scheme yet... I am thinking yellow, lilac and blue - but I'll probably change my mind! And if I do come across them, I'll try and throw in a few of the icing decorations in the shapes of flowers - already made up of course, I don't think I am that nifty in the kitchen!

I love Tara's stitched baking paper bags for the cookies - I think I might give this idea a whirl with my own little twist! I also saw this idea on someone else's blog - my memory fails me as to who's blog it actually was! But nevertheless, such a neat idea! (And another sewing-machine exercise!)

And... I just purchased these gorgeous clay tags from
Marley & Lockyer - how cute are they! You should also check out the Marley & Lockyer blog... full of amazing finds, Ness has such flair and a perfect eye for interior design!


Ness Lockyer said...

Oh you are so sweet. Thankyou for showing my little tags...and for your order. I will send them first thing Monday morning. I hope you had a great day at the markets with you new designs. Cant wait to see what you have in store for these buscuits.
Ness xx

Tam said...

Cath spotted the gorgeous easter tags on etsy last week! we couldn't believe what amazing talent we had on our doorstep and then discovered on etsy!!

Trace Willans said...

I can help with recipes for using natural dye colours in the icing.

Hali said...

My cookies never come out picture perfect.