Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Have A (Pretty) Friend.

I have friends, no joke - I actually do!
But I have this one friend, who is pretty amazing.
She writes me letters and sends me cute things.
She is an online friend and an offline friend.
And I am embarking on a holiday to Queensland with her, in the thick of Winter.
Her name is Rebecca.
And she is beautiful.

Rebecca is a student (with lots of lovely brains which I hope to pick at in the future - marketing!) and a part-time (drop-dead-gorgeous) model.
I hope that one day, we will live close enough to each other, so that we can do lots of That Vintage photoshoots, and that she will then be THE pin up girl for That Vintage.
Check out Rebecca's blog.

Becky, I loveeeeeeee you!


Rgum said...

you're beautiful Sophie!
we will have fun on our getaway!

Ziad Ali said...

aww she is beautiful!
ooh queesnland, get prepared for some heat, its been so hot here lately.
love your blog, i just want to eat it all up :)
Pearl xo

Mick said...

She's okay... But watch out, she's dangerous

CS said...

She's so pretty! I love your jewelry and your blog! Btw, I have passed on two awards to you "The Beautiful Blog" award and "The Creative Blogger" award. If you like, you may post 7 facts about yourself, and then pass on the awards to 7 other bloggers. :)