Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tea Addict

Brew of choice:
English Breakfast with a dash of milk, no sugar- some say I'm sweet enough.


Sharnee Torrents said...

You're soooo adorable!!! Love the pic of you and your yummy tea!! I'm wondering though where's the avo sandwich??? he he
As for the AMAZING drawings... WOW!! I thought they were yours until i read on... fabulous Soph!!
huge hugs
SHarnee :0)

Ziad Ali said...

Fallen in love with your jewellry range, and i quite adore your blog too :)
My brew of choice would be chai, black with no sugar.
I read your previous post about avocado toast and i'm glad to see someone else feels the same about avocados! There's none in the fidge at the moment but mum is out shopping so there may be when she gets home :)
Pearl xo

Isis said...

oh tea, who doesn't love a good cuppa! you are going to be so excited about a little announcement i have to make soon.....!

Lrc said...

Cute pic! I too am addicted to tea but i love assam and pg tips.

Cathie said...

mmm, I love tea!! chai is my favourite , honey & soy milk.

The Bird. And Bug. said...

I love tea as well, Ive really been into green teas lately, the really herby crazy brown rice teas are super intense and I just love them!

Anonymous said...

Tea fixes anything!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

I couldn't live without it either, I drink tea the whole day through, I'd be the size of an elephant by now if I put sugar in it every time. My favorite is Twinings Voyage Brazilian Baia. It's delicious!