Monday, February 22, 2010

Such A Doll.

The gorgeous Amber all the way from Canada.
(click it!)

Amber sent me this lovely photograph of her modeling the Rabbit Love earrings that she purchased a couple weeks back, along with the Wren and Leafy Vine earrings - yes!

She bought three pairs!
What an absolute doll..!

I love seeing these sorts of things!
So if you have ever bought anything from That Vintage and you feel game enough to get behind the camera - be sure to hook me up with a photograph!

Don't be shy now...


the bird. and bug. said...

she's a pretty lady! pretty earrings for a pretty lady

Recycled Relix said...

Hi Sophie, I had a lady in my shop yesterday who had one of your bird necklaces on - I remarked on it and she said she had been given it as a present! So you do get around. Do you have any Deer Head pendants? I would love 2 for my shop. Thanks Cathy