Sunday, February 7, 2010

Giving It Away To...

It was hard... so many super clever entries!
But there can only be one winner...

Laura of Violet Bella.

"So true is my love
For that feathery ring

Like birthday wishes from above
Hope in my heart does bring

A giddy laugh like a child
As I gaze upon my empty finger

Dreaming deep into the wild
That Vintage feather ring would linger"

Thankyou to all who entered!
Stay tuned for more surprises... yay!


Isis said...

yes nice work, i was too lazy to think of a poem, well i fell asleep while trying to think of one :) like the new images on your blog sophie

Flowerleaf Studio said...

Dern it! Maybe next time! Ha. There were so many good entries....I don't know how you chose between all of them!

Penny said...

Ooh the ring is gorgeous!!!