Monday, February 15, 2010

What I Miss The Most.

I miss my bedroom being just that, a bedroom.
I miss having a warm, cosy space - a bed piled high with blankets and cushions.
I just miss my bedroom.

Dreamy Bedroom

I do have a bedroom.

But it also doubles as the factory for That Vintage.

It is cluttered, oozing bad energy and always has a mess somewhere in it's midst.
I have two desk (plus a drawing desk shortly) - an entertainment unit, plus heaps of fabric boxes, stock boxes, boxes and mo
re boxes.
I have no other option at the moment, until I move out to my own place (when and if that happens this year, it is on the list...) - but I wish I could have a Storage Fairy pop over, wave the wand and make everything look half-decent with beautiful, clean storage ideas.

When mother and I visited Paris (crikey, nearly four years ago!) we went into Maison Du Monde nearly every single day. It was Christmas time then, and the shop was bursting with French inspired Christmas bits and pieces - it was amazing; the reason why we kept going back was to absorb all the energy, colour, texture and style that the French have.

Maybe I just need to take some serious time out (yeah, hand me about four weeks worth please!) so that I can really knuckle down and revamp my bedroom. I also wish my town had a Howard's Storage World... so many clever ideas from there!


Erica said...

I am lucky enough to have my own studio to work in that is separate from my bedroom but somehow both are usually messy anyway.

Katherine said...

I happen to be looking for a roommate, and one of the two common living rooms in the house is pretty much an unused study room dying for a remodel as a studio...

Artist/Painter said...

Well my bedroom is, unfortunately, stacked with boxes and I do miss a beautiful bedroom as well. However what I REALLY am missing is a living room. It's out of the bedroom and into the studio! No couch, nowhere to sit but at my drafting chair. I miss the days when you could jump into your comfy couch with a bowl full of butter slathered popcorn and start the movie with the remote control in hand. *sigh* I hear ya.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

I know what you mean, my livingroom is absolutely full of stuff for my shop and there are boxes full of yarn in my bedroom too. I am working on it though and I think I can make it a lot better, it just takes time and hard hard work. If you ever catch that fairy send her over to me please?!

Tam said...

maybe we're in the wrong business... we should be looking to buy a Howards Storage World franchise for Launceston...
i am sorry to say that even when you do have room for it, its still messy. My 4 floor to ceiling cupboards in the hall are full of craft stuff and yet the spare room is still packed with stock and rolls of fabric.
i have the equivalent of a 4 car garage downstairs that doesn't have room for it either. i feel a massive garage sale is in order! (and a hsw make over!!!)

Ziad Ali said...

yes my bedroom gets quite messy and crowded when it comes down to exam times in school, i hate it. its the one place where i want to be able to chill and take a breather but there are constant reminders of the things i need to do. but i love my bedroom all the same :)
Pearl xo

Isis said...

it will never go away, i reckon just do what you did when you were a kid and try and hide it all in the wardrobe!

Ness Lockyer said...

HSW is in Hobart though. Maybe a road trip for you is in order. I have an office with lots of storage and during busy times, it gets a little unruly, but because I have a place for everything, in a moment it can be ship shape it can be done Sophie and cheaply.
Ness xx
I feel your pain flower, that sounds like my bedroom when i lived at home, but it was Architectural drawings etc!

gemma @ loz and dinny said...

Aaaah storage - don't get me started - I'm with Isis - hide it in your wardrobe ... and then reclaim it as creative genius organisational technique

Cathie said...

i totally agree!
I can feel the bad energy in there all the time. if you get those storage fairies round can you send them my way :)