Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Made It.

Late last year, I trialed - it went okay, I sold the few things I had listed, but then I kept feeling bad for having two online stores... Etsy & Madeit.
But today, I decided that I need to have a store on Madeit.
I need to make sure my little Australian lovers get the very best buy from me.

It's tricky with Etsy - it has been amazing to have so many sales to The States, but the poor Australians get whacked with a sluggish exchange rate and I hate to say it, but my overseas sales out number my local-lovelies.

This is my notice to you all.
To the Australian lovers of That Vintage!
You can now buy bits and pieces of That Vintage on - AND no need to worry about exchange rate conversions - the dollar price you see, is what you pay - save yourself some shrapnel and go shopping!

Oh and what a hoot!
I listed the Flight Necklace this morning and it has already made their Shop Guide today!


Dirty Hair Halo said...

i love the simple prettiness of that necklace.

Mookah Studio said...

Full support from Mookah. We are feeling exactly the same way, Etsy is fantastic but most of it goes to the US. The hardest part is finding the time to look after 2 stores!

Sonia Skegg said...

I saw your necklace on the Madeit Shop Guide before reading your post - well done!

Ness Lockyer said...

I feel the same way Sophie. Some of my Aussie customers contact me via email and I do the sale for them in AU dollars.
Ness xx

Eureka! Beads said...

That necklace is gorgeous :)